Guiding Principles

The Pocket Lab is a not-for-profit community lab, dedicated to experimentation with regeneration of natural space, smart use of resources and living together in urban areas. It is a place to design, make and test new ideas, learn, teach and share, whether it is just for fun, or for serious business development.
Any creative scientific, artistic or technological approach is welcome - no need to be a specialist.

Guiding Principles

The Venue

The venue is a pocket-sized lab set up in shipping containers :
The venue hosts several areas :
  • - a Fabrication Space for designing, crafting, prototyping, up-cycling and repairing. (There will be pens, paint and paper, computer and 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC milling machines, electronics, molding, casting and inevitably a wide range of power tools);

  • - a Chill or Study space away from the noise of the machines and loud workshop companions;

  • - an Outdoor Research space for microfarming, large weather-proof projects and frisbee;

  • - a Hack (-able, Indoor) space for large-scale collaborative projects, small events and messy research which needs some room to thrive.

  • - a Exhibition space to share your creation with everyone, sell your work or promote the next activity you offer.


What to do when you come to the Pocket Lab :

Join us for an Open Day

- Yet to be announced - Each week on ??? from 6pm to 10pm, doors are open to all and the BBQ is out. Swing by to visit the lab, meet everyone and have a bite.

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Visit the Exhibition Space and Pocket shop

New creations are displayed in a separate space. You can find information about what events are coming soon, book a workshop or after-school session, or buy useful bits and pieces for your craft.

See more...soon.

Get Inspired

Each project is documented online and on-site. If you feel inclined, sit back and have a nosey in our contents of open-source projects.

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Become a Member

With 24/7 access to the resources of the Lab, members can work on their own projects, for any purposes (including professionally).

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Participate in After-School activities

From 3pm to 6pm, open curriculum sessions are offered to children aged 9 to 18, sharing the practical skills of digital fabrication and creative thinking with young tinkerers.

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Organise an Event

Members and non-members can organise events such as workshops, talks, hackathons and pizza nights.

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Apply for a Residency

A collaborative space for inventors, makers, and social enterprises with a green, social approach to develop their ideas and grow beyond the lab.

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Join a Collaborative Project

Many projects are happening at all time and need TLC. Contact the project leader if you want to participate in a team effort.

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Open Projects

These are collaborative projects, current and former, that are happening at the lab :


Hosting the green sprouts

As a first Lets-Make-Stuff-Together Activity : building a geodesic greenhouse which can act as a cocoon to incubate further experimentations.

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Interactive Living Wall

Growing Up the Foodstock

A whole lot of edible plants on a pocket-sized footprint.

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We are still building the space! Below is what happened in the past and what comes next:

Year 2017 / 2018 - Initial Preparations

We looked after the paperwork, found the location and got to know others with similar initiatives. A bit of travel was needed to get inspired and come up with the concept.

See more...soon.

September 2018 - Setting up the space

The containers we were able to source are set up and we begin to build the space from the inside out during summer. Bring on the sunscreen.

We want YOU!

February 2019 - Opening!!!

Time to open the space and get the barbecue and all activities going! Then later on...

Later - Expansion

... we might add extra specific areas such as a Community Lab, Bio Lab, Textile lab, etc.

Meet the team

Members take charge of the general direction and day-to-day life of the lab :

Baptiste Natali

Architect of good intentions

Animator by trade and Maker specialised in Digital Fabrication. I will probably be the human answering your emails and helping you settle in.


Peter Vosper

Electronics Evil Genius

Peter Vosper is an engineer, graphic designer, dancer and founder of Vospertron. His techniques, electronic costumes and motion graphics developed and grew during the last 15 years, making Vospertron one of the most respected glow dance groups worldwide.

Some people are also actively involved from a distance, expanding our network :

Carl Pavletich

Social Maker Extraordinaire

Director of Fabriko (Fab Lab Christchurch); Founder of New Zealand’s first mobile Makerspace the ‘Makercrate’ in 2012 Interactive digital artists; active member and contributor to the international open source Fab Lab Network since 2014; Education programme designer for three MBIE Curious Minds support programmes.


Bridget McKendry

Multi-talented Wizard

Co-founder of Fabriko Ltd, textile designer, graphic design, web and software UX design, electronic and digital interfaces for art and education, now product and programme design for the reality spectrum that is that is digital fabrication and AR/VR. I like to discover new mediums and then show people of all ages and backgrounds how to to learn and use them too.


Sally Harper

Word Smith

Crafting visions out of words and paraphrasing on a whim is her hobby.

Where to find us

The Pocket Lab is located at the Commons, a community-led space in Gribblehirst Park, in Sandringham, Auckland.

Keep in touch?

Contributors, Friends and Supporters



Our Neighbor Hackerspace

Hackland is an independent, not-for-profit Hackspace not far from us, hosting the many inventions and tools of very creative people. Hackland acted as an incubator for the Pocket Lab, therefore all Hackland members are free to come use the Lab.


Fab City Aotearoa

Nation-wide collective

A bunch of humans dedicated to experimenting with the concept of locally productive, globally connected Fab-Cities at New Zealand scale.


Various Contributors from the Open-source World

We cannot thank you enough

Many thanks to Creative Tim , for allowing us to use this sparkling Bootstrap template, The Krita Foundation , for designing a professional open source painting program used here on a daily basis.